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Exqisit Life Foundation

Set up by Dr Eli and Dr John McIntosh, this registered charity has the commitment to improve and support the community in it’s medical and mental health needs. Under this charity, extensive public education and community support processes have been provided including the TUFMINDS – Life Rescue App, a mental well-being and suicide intervention program.


TUFMINDS – Life Rescue

This App is a mental well-being and suicide intervention program created by Drs Eli and John McIntosh. The content and depth took several years to create and was fully funded by these generous doctors – so that the community can benefit! This program increases mental resilience, creates a powerful positive mindset and increases understanding and willingness for individuals to step in a save lives when suicidal risk is present.


Residential Drug Rehab – Due to the lack of residential rehab in Australia and failure to achieve approvals for multiple sites across Australia, she and her husband have also set up a service in Lombok / Bali, Indonesia called Eden Medical Retreat. This high-level service provides residential rehab for drug and alcohol problems to provide an avenue of recovery for anyone committed to getting clean.


Overseas Aid Work

Drs John and Eli McIntosh provided aid work to the remote islands of Vanuatu over two years in 2003 and 2004 with Project MARC (medical assistance to remote communities). This included direct services, teaching local workers, building health clinics (including carrying rocks and mixing cement) and long hikes into the bush to access the distant communities.


They also provided aid to the remote islands across Indonesia and support to orphanages in Lombok and Bali.


Their TUF Minds program was also donated to the Kerobokan Prison, Bali’s infamous prison to support inmates with their mental health and to assist with overcoming addictions.


Dr Eli has also assisted her husband in Leprosy Hospitals in Nepal, in mission hospitals in Africa and delivered aid and support to the Solomon Islands and after the devastating earthquake in Lombok in 2018.

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