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Dr Eli McIntosh is the co-creator of the  TUFMINDS App.  Along with her husband Dr John they have put together this innovative mental wellness and suicide intervention program using unique processes to improve mental resilience, eliminate negative thoughts and increase understanding and willingness to help other people at risk of suicide. They generously have allowed this app to be distributed completely free with the specific intent of reducing the suicide rates around the world.


Drug and Alcohol addiction issues are another area where Dr Eli & John McIntosh have created innovative and unique approaches to provide practical community-based solutions.


Due to the lack of residential rehab in Australia and failure to achieve approvals for multiple sites across Australia, they have set up a service in Lombok/Bali, Indonesia. This high-level service provides residential rehab for drug and alcohol problems to provide an avenue of recovery for anyone committed to getting clean.


Dr Eli McIntosh has been instrumental in teaming with her husband and can be seen to provide innovations progressively over the years to overcome service failures both locally, nationally and internationally. 

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