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CEO Principles

CEO PRINCIPLES our second book is ready to be launched. Every author's dream is their book will do well, will be appreciated and have value for the reader. John and I are asked often how we do it with the busy life of running business's, and there are a few tips I can share :

Tip 1. The main message is to write what you are passionate about, that way you may get tied but you never get sick of writing about it.

Tip 2. Give yourself a sensible deadline, enough to push you along but not so it becomes a nagging annoyance in the back of your mind, like getting your tax returns done!

Tip 3 .Manage your time well- as seen by the photo's we take every opportunity to write, at airports,bus stations, even on holiday's. If you are not very disciplined when you start, you will develop great discipline and dedication throughout the whole process (great character builder)

Tip 4. Research your topic well become the expert, people will ask you lots of questions so be authentic and know your stuff!

Tip 5. NEVER NEVER give up keep the dream alive and even if you do a little each week or month just keep going with it as you will eventually have enough content down.( affirmation are great motivators that convince your doubtful mind that you" have it in you" to be an author. By declaring everyday I am closer to my goal of completing my book you will eventually convince yourself and you end up make it happen!

TiP 6. Tell everyone you are writing a book, because they will remind you every chance they get about "that book of yours that your writing" and when do you expect to finish it! (Great motivation to finish) And finally, we all have the ability to be authors if we choose, we all have great gifts of wisdom to impart or are storytellers that intrigue and entertain in any case the world needs more. Remember the only limitations in life are the one's you place on yourself.

Yours in Positivity

Dr Eli McIntosh

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